PRP Treatment (platelet- rich plasma)

platelet rich plasma treatment

Are you an athlete? This is the perfect treatment to help athletes recover from injuries that have taken place during sports events and other sporting relating matters. Do you suffer from hair loss?  It can also be a great treatment to encourage hair growth and it even helps heal your tissue. If you are wondering how this treatment works, then let us walk you through it now. We start by using your own blood platelets and inject them back into you to heal your problematic areas such as tendons, muscles and joints. Book an appointment soon and we can set up a consultation for you.

Platelet-rich Plasma

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Platelets are involved in the process of healing therefore the more platelets you have, the more healing will take place. This is a common solution to problematic areas that just won’t seem to heal or they take a substantial amount of time. Platelets are also involved in clotting and this, together with it helping the process of healing, is what gives them their other name which is regenerative medicine. We like to think that there is nothing more natural than using what you already have on your own body. It all sounds really exciting right?

Hair Growth

Are you suffering from a loss of hair and you are starting to get self-conscious about it? We don’t want you to feel this way anymore and we want you to know that there is a solution out there for you that is not in a bottle of shampoo or repair conditioner. We know that you have probably tried a list of different hair treatments and hair loss is scary for many people. The solution is in your very own blood. Your blood is made of two parts which are red blood cells and platelets. Inside the plasma there are white blood cells which contain multiple growth factors which are the good elements.

Safety/ Non-surgical

Luckily this is a non-surgical procedure and you can completely relax. The best part is knowing that your body won’t reject the blood as the blood is yours. Some people fear surgeries, so you won’t have to worry about that for this procedure. The only thing you will be getting is an injection. It is even heard to help osteoarthritis, that’s how amazing this procedure can be. Remember the injection is just injecting your own blood platelets and growth factors, which are found in blood, back into the area that is affected.

Injured Tendons, ligaments, Muscles and Joints

If you injure your tendons, ligaments and joints then you are looking at 12 weeks or more to heal. You will experience stiffness and you will need to have physical therapy in order to get it moving again. You will have to rest for around 6 weeks plus for any injured ligaments and you will have to ice the areas that are injured. Another way to help the healing process is to take anti-inflammatory medications but if you find that the healing is taking abnormally long, then PRP Treatment is the way to go. This treatment will speed up the healing process and make returning back to your normal life a lot easier.