Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

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Are you wanting to change the shape of your nose or are you wanting to improve the way that you are breathing? Rhinoplasty can be done in one of two ways. The first way is when a client’s is wanting to correct something on their nose such as a bump, which will then fall under cosmetic surgery as it makes the appearance of your nose better. The second option is reconstructive surgery, which allows the functioning of the nose to work as normal. This will be done if your nose is not functioning normally or as it should.


In the consultation you will discuss your goals and your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon. They will also be able to tell you their opinions and their solutions for your problems. This process helps potential clients feel more comfortable about the treatment and procedures before going ahead with them. We will also discuss the potential risks of rhinoplasty, the amount of time you will need to recover, things you can’t do after the surgery and the costs broken down so you have a complete understanding. When you plan a surgery on your nose you need to consider you other features on your face.


We can talk you through the risks to that you are well aware and prepared. There are risks of light nose bleeding, infection and soreness. You could face a difficulty trying to breathe through your nose and a feeling of numbness in your nose. Swelling is the other risks but don’t worry because swelling always goes down. If you have any concerns, then feel free to contact us and we will make you an emergency appointment to see to any problems that you are having. In order to reduce swelling we ask our patients to lie down with their heads raised.


We can either help with making your nose smaller which is considered a nose reduction, we can make your nose larger which is a nose augmentation, we can change the shape of your nose and your nostrils and we can change the angle of the nose. You won’t have to worry about the skin on your nose as it will expand to fit its new shape whether it’s bigger or smaller. We also tell our clients to try not to sneeze out their noises and rather to sneeze out of their mouths to avoid any kind of damage or pain.


Your stitches will be removed after a week but if you have dissolvable stitches then you won’t need to worry about this. Your bruising may start to go away after 3 weeks but this all depends on the person and how well their body usually heals. The redness on your nose should also start to go away after the same amount of time. At the 6 week mark you can normally get back to exercising. We ask our clients to not bath in hot water and avoid places that have smoke and dust. This is all to make sure that our clients and patients stay as safe and healthy as possible.