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Breast Implants and Cosmetic Solutions of Miami offers a lengthy list of treatments and cosmetic enhancement surgeries and procedures. Our services include; Botox, filler, breast augmentations, breast reductions, breast lifts, PRP treatments, Brazilian butt lifts, cool sculpting and rhinoplasty. Firstly, clients will have to set up a consultation with the surgeon and skin care specialist, where you can discuss what your goals are in and they can talk you through the process of the procedures and information such as the surgery time and costs.  If you have any questions before or after the procedure, the surgeon will answer any of these concerns and questions for you. After certain procedures or treatments, the surgeon will ask to see you for follow up sessions to see how well you are doing and to adjust certain elements as well as discuss medication and if you are needing more. These checkups are important as many of our procedures will require this time in order to see how your skin is reacting and to make sure the client is safe and comfortable. With certain skin care treatments, the specialists will need to see if you need to continue on with the plan or if it’s not a success for your type of skin. We are now currently offering the following services to clients in the Miami area: